Rep. Ben Frederick reminds Gov. Whitmer what's happening in Michigan

Here are some facts you don't hear from the lapdogs in Michigan media

Rep. Ben Frederick reminds Gov. Whitmer what's happening in Michigan

Here are some facts you don't hear every day.

Rep. Ben Frederick last month spoke in support of Senate Bill 1253, which would limit the duration of certain public health orders to 28 days unless the legislature approves an extension.

Frederick mentions no less than 13 key points that remain true:

1) The diminishing of the legislature harms all constituents by revoking their voice in decision making.

2) Within public health code Gov. Whitmer says she retains unilateral, indefinite, ongoing statewide emergency authority, including provisions shutting down certain economic activities.

3) *The director of the MDHHS has declined to agree that he has such sweeping discretion as Whitmer asserts.

4) The 3-week pause announced in December was to relieve hospital systems, but their current capacity is in-line with non-epidemic years.

5) Even after several inquiries from the legislature, MDHHS has refused to offer specific benchmarks for success to business owners.

6) There has been no substantive feedback from the governor's office about the House COVID response plan.

7) Whitmer asserts, without evidence, that there is no safe way for the restaurant industry to open before Feb. 1 - a date not based on any metrics, and meant to give restaurants prep time for reopening.

8) That basic courtesy was not extended in December, when she gave about 48 hours notice prior to expiration of the ban, with zero regard for industries that need to plan ahead.

9) Another reason for the extended shutdown? Further time needed to analyze data about what people did over the holidays. There was deep concern that people had not done enough to alter their family gatherings.

10) There was no holiday spike over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

11) Even California based their restrictions on metrics like fixed ICU capacity by geographic region.

12) After 10 months, the Whitmer administration has never pointed to a specific benchmark to define success within their response to the virus.

13) Lawmakers aren't sure why certain industries remain closed if the public health data is improving.

It took Rep. Frederick 10 minutes to completely dismantle the Whitmer administration's coronavirus response. He still has not received any feedback about his coronavirus response proposal, which was introduced over three months ago.

We are lucky to have strong leaders like Rep. Frederick fighting for us.

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