Our Mission

The Every Job is Essential PAC is dedicated to the idea that no government has the right to determine which jobs are "essential" or "non-essential," or even worse, to label people as “essential” and “non-essential.”  In history, that has never ended well.

Whether a business can operate in a pandemic should not take into account a Governor’s whim on what is important to her, but real public safety data.  Governor Whitmer refuses to share that data—if it exists.

Michigan businesses have taken extraordinary measures to keep their customers safe, and have invested millions of dollars in doing so.  They have been treading water, hoping for this situation to end.  Then, without warning or evidence, the Governor can still shut them down.

Even worse, some businesses which are doing their best to follow these arbitrary rules, are targeted by agents of Governor Whitmer, who employ deceptive means to entrap them.

We are going to share their stories with you.  Without the filter of Michigan’s mouthpiece media.

We are also going to highlight efforts by Legislators and others to save lives AND livelihoods, which are ignored by Michigan media.

But more than that, we are going to provide you the tools to become involved.

With every story, in every email, we will give you a one-click way to contact the subject of the story: whether it’s just to encourage them to continue, contribute to their cause, or share the story on your social media.

Because every job is essential.  Because every person is essential.  And because in order to win this battle, YOUR VOICE is essential.